What impact is AI having on our work, and what should we do about it?

This is one of the exciting challenges raised by our SKMF Geneva Community at our past round table event. We’ll dig into this topic at the upcoming session, led by Sarah Schwab and co-facilitated by Gianguglielmo Calvi. We will delve into the profound implications of AI technology within the context of knowledge management for global and decentralised organisations. At the center of our shared reflections and conversations will be the fundamental questions of trustworthiness and efficiency when comparing AI powered tools with our existing systems.

Where does the reliability of human expertise fit in and how does it stack up? If you too are eager to discover how AI could be integrated effectively into your organisation, augmenting human capabilities rather than supplanting them, join our passionate conversation.


Sarah Schwab

International professional and core knowledge team member at DEEL, Sarah is a creative go-getter with experience in content creation, marketing, non-profit management and international education. Her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities shine whether she is engaged as a global team member or volunteering with organizations.

Gianguglielmo (aka Giangu) Calvi

Computer Scientist and Knowledge Manager (IKF certified), PRINCE2© and ITIL© certified, former researcher in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, with 20+ years of experience across academia, private sector and international organisations. He is committed to optimising the impact of knowledge in complex organisational domains, with a focus on development, sustainability, security and social empowerment.